KDP Select Pros & Cons: Why KDP Select is Great for New Activist Writers

New to the world of self publishing? Platforms like KDP Select offer plenty of benefits above choosing traditional publishing as your default option, and there are many reasons why the KDP Select platform is the ideal one for new writers and newcomers to the self publishing market to use.

KDP Select is one of the most powerful self publishing platforms out there right now, and it’s with good reason that it’s top-ranked.

Here’s why KDP Select is one of the best platforms for new writers who want to see their work out there.

KDP Select is Not Your Traditional Publishing Contract

KDP Select is nothing like your traditional publishing contract, and this can be a good thing for many writers who want to start their careers – and even for many established writers who want to regain control over their work.

A huge chunk of authors report their first publishing contracts as some of their worst experiences, especially where they misunderstood the terms they were signing to and gave up the rights to their work for too little long-term return.

KDP Select offers writers a lot more control over their work that traditional publishing doesn’t.

KDP Select Offers An ISBN Number

Publishing a book yourself used to mean that you had to order ISBN numbers in bulk. These are the numbers that identify your book in the international catalog, and they’re vital for publication through platforms like Amazon.

KDP Select offers you an ISBN number when you create a new book project. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy bulk ISBN numbers just to publish and distribute your work.

KDP Select Has Useful Guides Online

If you aren’t sure what you’re doing (and a lot of first-time self published authors feel like this!), KDP Select has useful online guides for every step of the process that can tell you what to do. The guides range from formatting through to uploading, and they’re written in an easy-to-understand language that shows you everything step by step.

KDP Select Supports Direct Uploading

Getting your manuscript released through KDP Select is as easy as formatting it according to their guidelines, exporting it to the chosen format (PDF is usually best!) and uploading it directly to the marketplace with your cover image.

It’s managed to make the entire publishing process easier and faster from beginning to published work.

KDP Select is Automatically Kindle-Friendly

KDP Select makes formatting for Kindle a lot easier. Back when the Kindle was first introduced, you had to format specifically for the Kindle – and this could turn formatting into a much lengthier process that was easy to screw up for anyone who has never done it before.

KDP Select books are automatically made Kindle friendly, and the can also be sold as PDF versions for other forms of e-book reader.

As a writer, it can help you to increase your reach.

KDP Select is Linked to Amazon

KDP Select is linked up directly to one of the leading book marketplaces in the world: Amazon. If you’ve formatted and uploaded your book well enough to see it approved, you have access to millions of potential readers for your manuscript on an already-established marketplace for a reason.

Remember when getting your books on Amazon and in bookstores took forever and a day? KDP Select has made the process easier.

KDP Select Offers Tech Support

Stuck or have something that you’d like to know? You’ll be glad to hear that KDP Select offers some of the best tech support in the self publishing industry – and their experts are just a few clicks away for any questions you might have.