Political Ecology Network


As can be noticed on the map, at this stage POLLEN is still very Eurocentric. This is because the initiators of POLLEN were all European nodes. However, we want everyone to be aware that we welcome nodes from all over the world!

Newly Emerging Nodes and Contact Persons – Welcome to the Network!

List of POLLEN initiators:

Continental Europe

(The below nodes are also linked via the Norwegian Political Ecology Network)


(The Turkish nodes below are also linked via the Turkish Political Ecology Working Group)



North America

Central/South America

Australia/New Zealand


One thought on “POLLEN Nodes

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Great idea. Much interest from across the US. Maybe best to see who else at UT-Austin who might want to join (not that you couldn’t be stand-alone) and we can get you on board. I know a new colleague Caroline Faria (Geography UT- Austin) who might also want to be a part. We will be in touch.

    – Ben Neimark