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POLLEN18: Final Conference Programme Now Available!

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The organizing committee of the POLLEN18 conference in Oslo, 19-22 June, is pleased to announce that the final conference programme is now available. For sustainability reasons, this will be accessible in two versions:

1. The condensed session overview is available at this link. For your convenience, a hardcopy of the condensed programme will also be provided during registration at the venue.

2. The complete/detailed conference programme, including information about the contents of individual sessions, is also now available for viewing (click here for access). To reduce paper usage, this will only be available online. The detailed programme has been optimized for mobile viewing, so we encourage you to download a copy for quick viewing on your phone or other mobile device.

In case of any last-minute scheduling issues, please contact politicalecology18@gmail.com. Otherwise, we look forward to welcoming many of you in Oslo!


Author: Connor Joseph Cavanagh

Research Fellow, Faculty of Landscape and Society, Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Contact: connor.cavanagh@nmbu.no

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